Grief Journey Tool Kit - LITE

Grief Journey Tool Kit - LITE

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Grief is a Journey You Don’t Have to Make Alone

Grief is a journey we rarely ask to travel. No matter where you are in the process or the amount of time that you have been journeying, the grief experience is painful; it is overwhelming and, at times, can seem insurmountable.

Therapy Heals has developed a grief tool box to help you or someone you love navigate the grief experience. With the guidance of Dr. Jennifer Levin, discover peace, healing and opportunities for growth from others who have successfully traveled this difficult path. 

This LITE Tool Kit includes:

  1. Grief Check-In: A self-guided reflection to monitor and document your grief journey and track the experiences, milestones and obstacles to recovery
  2. Grief Attack Audio Support: Dr. Levin’s audio downloads that explain the fundamentals of a grief attack and how to cope with them
  3. Meditations & Affirmations: Soothing audio downloads filled with guided imagery, meditations and affirmations to cope with stress, sleep and other grief related issues
  4. Guiding Lights e-book: Dr. Levin’s 20 tips and suggestions to be your constant companion on your journey to healing

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As overwhelming and insurmountable as the grief journey can be, the experience can be navigated with support and tools to manage the depth of pain, regain the ability to continue on, and develop a new connection with those we have lost.”  - Jennifer R. Levin, PhD, MFT, FT, MFC 93269


You are not alone. Help and hope are just a click or call away.